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Become A Member

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Membership Criteria
The Board may, in its sole discretion, admit any person as a member into the appropriate membership category who supports and agrees to abide by the SAMED Constitution and subject to such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time.

There are various types of members:

Ordinary members:
a registered company or division of a company or other legal entity carrying on business in the Republic of South Africa and involved in the manufacture, import, selling, marketing and/or is an agent/ distributor of medical devices.

Association members:
health care association operating in the Republic of South Africa, which association is admitted to SAMED as such a member

Associate members:
a registered South African entity or individual not involved primarily in the business of manufacturing, selling, marketing and / or as distributors of medical devices as its main business focus and admitted to SAMED as such a member. Associate members are not entitled to vote.

Qualifications for Ordinary Membership  
The applicant shall be fully prepared to adhere to the norms, policies, procedures and other regulatory guidelines being followed by SAMED.
The applicant shall be fully prepared to uphold and support the objectives as laid down in the constitution of SAMED and not to act in whatsoever manner which may be contrary to the interests of SAMED and its members.
The applicant is not under criminal investigation for any illegal or fraudulent activity.
Healthcare Providers, Payers, NGOs and Government organisations are excluded from membership.
Qualifications for Associate Membership
The applicant must be a registered South African entity or individual which carries on trade in, or provides services to, the Medical Devices Industry. Such services may include:
*       Recruitment of Industry personnel.
*       Training and educational services to the Industry.
*       Warehousing and logistical services.
*       Advertising and Public Relations.
*       Equipment servicing and repair services.
*       Other services which the Board deem to be appropriate
*       Design of medical devices
Membership Disqualifications
A member may be disqualified from the membership of SAMED under the following circumstances:-
Convicted of activities contrary to the legal and ethical promotion and/or sale of medical devices and in breach of any applicable laws and regulations of the country.
Where a member is declared insolvent, carries on business recklessly, with gross negligence, with the intent to defraud or for fraudulent purposes, carries on business or trade under insolvent circumstances.
Receives notice from the Competition Commission to show cause why it should not be permitted to continue carrying on business, or to trade.
Receives a compliance notice in terms of the Companies Act requesting it to cease carrying on business or trading.
Is the subject of any order made or resolution passed for the administration, winding-up or dissolution (otherwise than for the purpose of a solvent amalgamation or reconstruction), has an administrative or other receiver, manager, trustee, liquidator, administrator, or similar officer appointed over all or any substantial part of its assets, enters into or proposes any composition or arrangements with its creditors generally or is the subject of any events or circumstances to the  aforegoing in any applicable jurisdiction.