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26 July 2018
SAMED 2018 Salary Survey

As you might know and your company might even have participated, SAMED subsidises a SAMED salary survey (available only to SAMED members). 

This survey - published annually – is specific to remuneration benchmarks and salary trends within the Medical Technology industry. The salary survey has been published for over 17 years in partnership with PECS and has become accepted as the most authoritative remuneration reference work available to the South African Medical Technology market. 

The salary survey is subsidised by SAMED for the benefit of SAMED members only. 

The survey covers approximately 78 positions (across all regions of South Africa) from Junior to Executive positions. Results can be purchased on a national basis for your organisation.

Market benchmark salary tables are reported in market quartiles incorporating Basic salary, guaranteed package (inclusive of Benefits paid) and Total Cost of Employment.

You can download the below documents to participate:

SAMED Salary Survey Invitation to participate

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