In terms of networking, engagement with the industry and stakeholders and navigating our sector’s way through a radically new normal, SAMED has had a prolific year. Engagements with our members and industry stakeholders have been fruitful and robust and the way forward is going to be based on

Partnering with our stakeholders to drive the Medical Technology industry to new frontiers, and contribute towards enabling a sustainable healthcare system

SAMED is increasingly regarded as the voice of the medtech industry in South Africa, shining a light on critical factors impacting the growth and sustainability of our members. Some of the highlights include:

  • The Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) recognised SAMED’s role in discussions around the NHI as facilitators for an independent HTA agency – which SAMED is looking into.
  • The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition engaged with SAMED to reach the medtech industry on an envisaged medtech focused master plan and invited SAMED to present on the investment potential of South Africa at the Dubai 2020 conference.
  • SAMED was instrumental in getting SAHPRA to sit around the table with industry representatives and workshop crucial aspects of medical device regulations.
  • SAMED was invited to sit on the steering committee of both MeDDIC and the Health Sector Anti-Corruption Forum (HSACF).
  • SAMED continues to provide extensive commentary on industry-related legislature and guidelines, drawing in legal and expert consultation on submissions and following due diligence to ensure that our comments represent the informed view and interests of the members we serve.
  • SAMED’s membership has grown by 15 new companies this year alone, which speaks volumes to the value SAMED delivers as the unified voice of the medtech sector. Attracting more medtech companies as members remains a key focus to ensure that we are well-represented across all sectors and types and sizes of medtech organisations.
  • SAMED closes the year in a financially strong position by safeguarding and astutely investing funds to ensure we have sufficient reserves on tap for unplanned membership initiatives if needed. While SAMED awaits resolution on the VAT matter, it is reassuring to know that our financial position is strong enough to support any outcome.