Public Sector Payment Timeframes

We have particularly focused efforts on improving payment timelines by provincial health departments. Long payment timelines are a significant issue which poses a threat to the survival of many companies. Interruptions in providing products and services affects service delivery and patient access to products and care. It also adversely impacts on competition, weakens the sustainability of the industry and hence South African healthcare more broadly.

Members channel their complaints through SAMED, and we regularly survey our members on the matter to establish and track the extent of this problem. This is done through the online portal. We urge members to submit figures to our portal in order for us to ascertain the extent of delayed payments and to present a unified industry response in an attempt to improve payment timeframes.

Between the first and seventh day of each month, our members are asked to submit data on payments owed to them by the provincial health departments, NHLS and Military Health Services.

It is essential that members provide us with these statistics so that we have accurate, up-to-date figures when engaging with provincial and national government in order to communicate the seriousness of the issue and to advocate for transparent, effective tender and payment processes.

The online portal via the SAMED website is confidential and does not allow anyone sight of information pertaining to individual members. All submissions are aggregated and used only to demonstrate the combined extent of delayed payment in our engagements with government.

Only registered SAMED members are able to submit outstanding payment information. Log into the members portal to submit your data.

Guide for using the public sector submissions portal