Diversity in Medtech

Led by our Diversity in Medtech Committee, SAMED champions diversity, equity and inclusion by member companies and the medtech industry. We aspire for a bold, organic, sustainable and internally led approach which enables the medical technology industry to become recognised as a benchmark of women and youth empowerment as well as transformation.

A more diverse, equitable and inclusive medtech is not a nice-to-have or a process relegated to one staff member like the HR director, procurement manager or a transformation officer. It is an economic imperative – a vital contributor to South Africa’s socio-economic progress – and thus deserves the attention from senior executives and leaders.

We help our members to consider and adopt strategies that go beyond short-term and narrowly focused procurement-related requirements, and instead look to the long-term health and progressive development of our industry. To this effect, SAMED engages with our members to identify priority areas to be addressed, and to assist individual companies and the industry more broadly to align with government and social expectations.

We commit to furthering government’s transformation policies in all major areas of our work. Our Diversity in Medtech Committee has taken on its mandate with passion and has built constructive relationships within the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic), the Youth Employment Service (YES), and other partners to explore the most appropriate options for empowering youth and women, fulfillingB-BBEE responsibilities and drive diversity, equity and inclusion by our multinational and local members.

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Diversity Statement

SAMED regards diversity, equity and inclusion as an economic and social imperative. We are committed to transformation and believe we can drive meaningful and sustainable change as an industry body.

We strive to create an eco-system that gives our members tools to enable them to transform their companies.  We call on our members and partners to participate in our diversity in medtech journey.

Women in Medtech

As part of SAMED’s efforts to support change and drive diversity, equity and inclusion in the medtech sector, we host specific forums to discuss barriers and obstacles for women in our sector. Through our Women in Medtech Forums, we are creating space for ‘must have’ conversations, increasing the spotlight on gender inequality and unlocking the full potential of women. We use these forums to strategies solutions to common challenges, raise awareness of discriminatory practices and empower women in the sector. When we empower women, we empower the next generation to be better, build better. And we need women and men at all levels to change the dynamic and contribute to the conversation.

Rising together – Empowering Change

Stepping up Women Empowerment

Elevating the women of medtech

Further to this, we are developing a first of its kind Women Empowerment Index as a tool for change.

Globally women are underrepresented in economic participation & leadership opportunities and it will take 151 years to achieve gender parity. This disparity in leadership is driven by a range of socio economic and historical factors resulting in the stagnation of women’s development in their careers.

The Women Empowerment Index will use metrics to understand what the current women empowerment landscape looks like across members and establish what this landscape could best look like in the future to achieve medtech women empowerment, equity, diversity and inclusion goals.

SAMED-YES partner to transform medtech and empower youth

SAMED and YES have embarked on an exciting partnership to unlock thousands of work opportunities for South African youth while transforming the country’s medtech and healthcare sectors.

The Youth Employment Service (YES) is a pioneering, business-driven NPO with the mission of tackling South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis and driving youth employability. YES aims to create work experiences for youth at scale, by enabling businesses to co-create a future that works for all. In this process, a business can gain one or two levels up on its B-BBEE scorecard. With over 1 600+ corporate partners (41 SAMED members), YES has created over 120 000+ work experiences. This has seen R6 billion injected into the economy through youth wallets in 4+ years, with no government funding.

We are certain that the collaboration will benefit many young job-seekers and build sustainable transformation throughout the sector.

  • Want to become part of the movement innovating youth jobs for a future that works?
  • Want to help capacitate South Africa’s health sector?
  • Looking for a B-BBEE boost with broad-based social impact?
  • Want to make a difference to the youth unemployment crisis and help reignite the economy?
Connect with Youth Employment Service (YES)

SAMED-YES launch into a talent pool of medtech youth

To ensure that the YES alumni, who have completed a 12-month working programme, stay within the medtech sector and continue their journey towards leadership, SAMED has partnered with YES to create a groundbreaking portal – the SAMED x YES Alumni Programme. This portal connects our members with this pool of talented individuals, providing both job seekers and employers with the opportunity to connect and foster meaningful employment opportunities.


For unabsorbed YES alumni, this platform serves as a stepping stone towards fulfilling career paths within the medtech industry. It opens doors to endless possibilities and allows them to continue growing and learning.

But this platform is not just beneficial for the alumni. Employers within the medtech industry will find a diverse group of motivated and qualified candidates who are eager to make a difference – and without sometimes costly recruitment fees. By engaging with the SAMED x YES Alumni Programme, employers gain access to a talent pool that can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to their organizations.

We, as SAMED members, have the power to shape the future of the medical technology industry. By exploring and utilizing the SAMED x YES Alumni Programme, we can build a stronger future where talent and innovation thrive. Let us come together and unlock a world of opportunities, creating a legacy that will tug at the heartstrings of every SAMED member.