Our committees

Our committees are the structures that enable us to listen to,
advocate for and support our members.

Committee members are there in their own right and not as representatives of their respective companies, however, it is essential that your manager supports your committee work as there will be duties and meetings within normal business hours.

Want to join a SAMED Committee?

Committee participation is limited to SAMED members. Please read the SAMED Committee SOP before applying below.

Download the SAMED Committee SOP

Code Committee

Our Code Committee promotes the Medical Device Code and whistleblowing hotline and assists medical technology companies and healthcare providers in ethical marketing and business practices.

Email: code@samed.org.za

Market Access Committee

Our Market Access Committee improves collaboration with government and private healthcare facilities and funders, strengthens supply chain management and tender processes, strengthens reimbursement and HTA mechanisms in the private and public sectors, and participates in Council for Medical Schemes consultations.

Email: marketaccess@samed.org.za

Marketing Committee

Our Marketing Committee provide strategic direction and support for research, development and implementation of plans, projects, and tools which elevate SAMED and the medtech sector with both internal and external audiences.

Email: communication@samed.org.za

Medical Imaging Suppliers Committee

Our Medical Imaging Suppliers Committee represents the interests of companies operating in the imaging area of the medical technology industry.

Email: misa@samed.org.za


Our NHI Committee reviews, supports and contributes to the shaping of policy, legislation and the practical implementation of the National Health Insurance.

Email: nhi@samed.org.za

Orthopaedic Suppliers Committee

Our Orthopaedic Suppliers Committee represents the interests of members working in elective and trauma orthopaedics and collaborates with the South African Orthopaedic Association.

Email: orthopaedics@samed.org.za

Regulatory Committee

Our Regulatory Committee contributes to a harmonised medical technology legislative environment and hosts regulatory forums to assist members with licensing and implementation of regulations.

Email: regulatory@samed.org.za

Transformation Committee

Our Transformation Committee champions the transformation of the medical technology industry and individual companies as a socio-economic imperative and key factor of the industry’s sustainability and ability to deliver on its mandate.

Email: transformation@samed.org.za