Medical Technology Code Whistleblowing Hotline

The Medical Technology Code Hotline is a mechanism for reporting transgressions of the Medical Technology Code of Ethical Marketing and Business Practice (the Code) by SAMED members and signatories to the Code.

The hotline is an anonymous and easily accessible reporting channel which is managed independently by Deloitte. You can contact the Medical Technology Code Hotline anytime, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Any person, including but not limited to, a SAMED member, signatory to the Code, member of the public, healthcare professional, healthcare organisation, or regulatory body may report a transgression.

Prior to calling the hotline, please ensure that you have read the Code and that you can provide sufficient detail and evidence accompanying the alleged transgression. Such detail may include the details of the individual or company that is the subject of the alleged transgression, clause(s) within the Medical Device Code which were transgressed, detail and circumstances relating to the alleged transgression, and other proof/evidence substantiating the report.

Empower your staff and the public to use the SAMED Whistleblowing Hotline – download, print and put up whistleblowing posters in high foot traffic areas within any organisation.

Witness a potential transgression of the Code? Follow our easy-to-use decision tree guide on the information you will need to report a transgression.

You are urged to consult the Code Transgression Report Form prior to calling the hotline and if submitting via email, to attach the completed form.

SAMED keeps a repository of code complaints and outcomes to establish a database of historical cases. We have made this publicly available in the interest of transparency.

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Transgressions come in different forms and can involve multiple people. Among them are medtech companies and their intermediaries, healthcare practitioners, procurement personnel, allied health professionals and patients. Common examples of prohibited practices include the provision of gifts, perverse incentives or undue influence in order to use, prescribe and/or procure medical technologies. The Medical Technology Code signatories are also banned from directly sponsoring healthcare practitioners to attend third-party arranged educational events.

Corruption can result in retrenchments, demotion, reduced income and reputational damage that undermines trust in medical technology companies and healthcare practitioners. It also poses a serious risk to appropriate and best-practice healthcare and patient outcomes and may lead to other legal sanctions. In the interest of an ethical healthcare sector, we encourage you to report transgressions of the Code through the Code Hotline.

How to use the Medical Device Code Whistleblowing Hotline

You have 3 options when you call the Medical Device Code hotline:

  • FULL ANONYMITY: You don’t need to disclose any personal information to the call centre agent. You will receive a reference number so you can follow up or provide additional information about the case.
  • PARTIAL ANONYMITY: You can choose to disclose your name and contact details to Deloitte only.
  • FULL DISCLOSURE: You can disclose any relevant details, and these will be included in the report.
  • Keep your reference number in a safe place as you would be required to quote this number to obtain feedback or when you call in again to provide further information or for any other reason.
  • Complainants who choose to be fully anonymous are urged to please call back within 10 days in case the independent chairperson reviewing the complaint requires more information from you to progress the complaint.
  • Should you wish feedback it is incumbent upon you to contact the hotline 21 days after lodging the complaint.

Anonymous whistleblowing hotline

Whistleblowing is recognised as the most effective measure to guard against fraudulent or unethical activity within organisations. The Medical Device Code whistleblowing hotline is an anonymous tip-off mechanism- available to any member of the public or SAMED wishing to report contraventions of the Code. The hotline is independently managed and available 24/7.

Contact the medical device code hotline:

  • Free call: 0800 00 04 68
  • E-mail: accompanied by the completed complaint form.
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