Our strength and mandate come from our membership, and our foremost concern is to listen to our members and to represent their interests in a relevant and meaningful way, taking account of external factors and developments that impact on their business and health services more broadly.

The result is a unified industry, built through active consultation, respect for the collective voice of our members and an ability to represent their interests, while taking into account the interests of other industry and societal stakeholders.

Acceptance of application for membership will be at the discretion of the SAMED Exco members as provided for in SAMED’s constitution.

How to guide – Ordinary Membership
How to guide – Associate Membership
SAMED Membership Fee Schedule

Membership types and criteria

Ordinary Members

Ordinary members, being voting members whose primary business is the design, manufacture, importation, exportation, marketing, sale, application, use, wholesaler and/or other application of medical technology.

Membership of SAMED is subject to the following:

Associate Members

Associate members, being non-voting members who do not qualify as ordinary members but trade with and/or provide services to the medical technology industry, i.e. registered South African entity or individual not involved primarily in the business of manufacturing, selling, marketing, distributing and/or wholesaling of medical devices as its main business focus.

Such entities/services may include:

  • Recruitment of Industry personnel
  • Training and educational services to the Industry
  • Warehousing and logistical services
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Equipment servicing and repair services
  • Design of medical devices
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Government entities
  • Non-medtech trade organisations
  • Healthcare Professional Associations
  • Embassies
  • Other services which the SAMED Board deem to be appropriate

A collective of associate members may not become either association or associate members of SAMED.

The Board reserves the right to review the membership of an associate member on an annual basis, as it relates to their continued provision of services to the medical technology industry and value added to SAMED and the SAMED members

Association Members

Association members being voting members who do not qualify as ordinary members or associate members but have some overlapping objectives and interests to those of SAMED within the medical technology industry or relating to medical technology.

As with ordinary members, only associations whose members are involved in the manufacture, import, selling, marketing and/or is an agent/ distributor of medical devices would be considered for “association” membership.

Contact the SAMED office should you want to learn more about association membership.

Why Join

SafMed believes in ethical and responsible business practices in order to encourage good practice in the healthcare industry. Communication and collaboration are key dimensions in this paradigm and SAMED plays a vital role in bringing the industry together and providing sensible guidelines to ensure balanced and rational business behaviour.

Justin Sheard, Marketing Manager, SafMed

Our affiliation with SAMED has made us gain a wealth of industry knowledge, always having the latest medtech information both locally and internationally. Of utmost importance is sharing the same stage with large corporations leveraging on networking with executives that we would not have been able to meet – “Your network is your net worth” (Tim Sanders).

Dr Christopher Mushwana, Managing Director, Gladko Medical Supplies