Our members

We offer three categories of membership:

Ordinary Members

Ordinary members, being voting members whose primary business is the design, manufacture, importation, exportation, marketing, sale, application, use, wholesaler and/or other application of medical technology.

Associate Members

Associate members, being non-voting members who do not qualify as ordinary members but trade with and/or provide services to the medical technology industry, i.e. registered South African entity or individual not involved primarily in the business of manufacturing, selling, marketing, distributing and/or wholesaling of medical devices as its main business focus.

Association Members

Association members being voting members who do not qualify as ordinary members or associate members but have some overlapping objectives and interests to those of SAMED within the medical technology industry or relating to medical technology.

Our members

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Our strength and mandate come from our membership, and our foremost concern is to listen to our members and to represent their interests in a relevant and meaningful way, taking account of external factors and developments that impact on their business and health services more broadly.