The update alert level 3 regulations in place nationally and in hot spots until 15 February, as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 11 January 2021, are essentially a continuation of those in effect for the last three weeks with a few modifications.

The main features of the new Regulations are:

  • Curfew is now from 21:00-05:00 in all areas (hotspots or not) and Form F is required to move during those hours and limited to work relating to the Directions issued by the Minister of Health, or medical- or security emergencies.
  • As all land ports are closed for human movement until at least 15 February 2021. The ports are not closed for goods such as medicines or medical devices, but power is granted to Ministers to regulate by Directive “management, administration and prioritisation of exports or imports” if it affects the spread of Covid-19. Amcham recently reported in relation to export permits “the DTIC on 26 November 2020 amended the Covid-19 export control regulation issued in February 2020 which removes, with immediate effect, the restrictions on export of essential medicines for SADC countries”.
  • The provision on prohibited visits to healthcare facilities is again in the adjusted level 3 and combined with the Directions required under curfew.
  • The prohibitions on conferences will, for the foreseeable future, limit what is possible as face to face engagements in the industry, or even in-company.
  • Prohibitions relating to social gatherings, religious and political meetings, which were to be reviewed by 14 January, are now extended for the duration of the adjusted level 3 limitations.
  • There are regulations on the Covid Compliance Officer and the duty to have the Covid Plan ready for inspection. Reg 35(15)(c) limits all businesses to 50% occupancy of its floor space at any point in time. The 1.5m around a person also still apply, as well as the wearing of masks.