The Code governs interactions between SAMED members and their customers, namely healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals. The Code fosters trust in the medical technology (MedTech) industry by creating a framework for ethical activity that protects the reputation of the MedTech industry and its customers. All SAMED, MDMSA and SALDA members are bound by the Code.

As a tool for self-regulation of the industry, the Code provides clear, practical instructions for ethical MedTech marketing and business practices and outlines how SAMED deals with transgressions.

As part of our on-going efforts to ensure that members adhere to the Code, we made it mandatory for all customer facing personnel[i] to be certified on the Code by taking an online test. Certification ensures that employees understand the Code and reduces the risk that an employee may transgress the Code which could have reputational or other consequences.

MedTech representatives, healthcare professionals and other interested parties can take the test and receive two ethics points.

[i] Customer facing personnel: means personnel such as medical device representatives, marketing and sales representatives, customer service employees, event management staff and any other relevant personnel that interact with Healthcare organisations (HCOs) or Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).
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Reporting non-compliance

 To facilitate the reporting of code infringements, SAMED has a 24/7 tollfree hotline, which is independently managed and can be used anonymously. When reports are outside of the dominion of the Code, these tipoffs are redirected to relevant authorities, such as SAHPRA, the HPCSA and the SA Police Service.

SAMED takes Code transgressions seriously. In 2021/22, a transgression reported via the hotline resulted in a fine of R20 000 and removal of the offending material after the Ethics Panel ruled that the respondent had breached the Code.

Changes to Code values on Promotional items, items of medical utility, anatomical models and scientific books/journals
Within the Code, value limits are stipulated for promotional items, items of medical utility, anatomical models, scientific books/journals and competitions to ensure that such items are not used for the personal enrichment of healthcare professionals and healthcare providers.

Recently, SAMED agreed that these values, established several years ago, were due to be revised.

Code Values
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