Data with Integrity, SAMED’s programme for building a detailed and reliable picture of the medtech sector in South Africa has started. Its value lies in producing information to position the medtech industry more strategically in terms of its contribution to economic growth and the transformation of the national health system. It will see scheduled twice-yearly submission of accurate company-level information by SAMED members and the collation and analysis of this data.

The need for industry-wide data

SAMED acts as a credible platform for members and the medtech industry to engage stakeholders on matters of mutual importance. However, especially as the pandemic brought on a state of emergency, it became more critical to have solid industry-wide data to share with various role-players.

Possession of quality information is a form of power and Data with Integrity is designed to fill this gap.

Companies contributing to Data with Integrity will be entitled to access the aggregated information to assist them in the planning and conduct of their business.

SAMED will use Data with Integrity reports when engaging in advocacy, driving compliance, the law-making processes and forging partnerships.

 What kind of data we will collate and analyse

  • Company profiles, employment and B-BBEE details.
  • Product portfolios, using Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN).
  • Volume of products supplied by product class.
  • Annual turnover in monetary value.
  • Share of total sales to private and public sector clients respectively.
  • Size of government debt to company.
  • Research and development activities.
  • Information pertaining to issues that are current at time of collection.

How we will protect and respect your information

Confidentiality and data security have been central concerns of Data with Integrity, as the name of the programme suggests. Management of the initiative by an independent service provider and other measures will help ensure that no company can access another company’s data. Members of the SAMED board and its committees will not be able to view individual company data to avoid anti-competitive practice and erosion of trust on which SAMED is based.

Data will be managed in compliance with competition legislation and POPIA and will be securely stored on an encrypted cloud platform.