Gender diversity benefits individuals and businesses, as it’s been proven to enhance workplace productivity and profitability. In fact, there’s a direct link between increasing female partners and increased revenue.

Women empowerment and leadership are lifelong journeys of learning, investing, and developing. Empowerment. It is how we become stronger. It is achieved through self worth, purpose driven change, the adoption of different views and embracing chances. Men and Women, especially business leaders, need to ask themselves: how can I join this movement?

The SAMED Women in Medtech Forum is a platform for both males and females at every level of the company to discuss, learn and action stepping up Women Empowerment in medtech.

On 3 March, SAMED held its second omen in Medtech Forum. Nyimpini Mabunda encouraged women leaders to embrace their femininity and not be another man in a skirt. Women have a unique perspective that brings much need diversity to the table. He also said that if you have a seat at the table, to not take a back seat, but to take charge. If the markers for success are in favour of men, then start conversations that change them. He asked, if not you, then who, if not now, then when?

We were also joined by Prof Ncoza Dlova, who highlighted that we need to get into the psychology of relationships and identify champions in our companies that can serve as mentors and supporters. She said it was important to identify your strengths and through that grow yourself coupled with hard work and kindness. Women empowerment starts with how we raise our children and how we support our partners and spouses, but it is also how we as women treat and support each other.

Discussions around an empowerment index that can benchmark and ask the right questions to women and men in the sector will also go a long way to develop action plans for the sector. It holds leaders accountable to goals set for women empowerment with clear metrics and thought out succession planning.

It was such an engaging session, full of powerful and inspirational moments. We want to thank each and every one who took the time to attend and participate this essential conversation around gender equality and women empowerment.

For those who were unable to attend the SAMED Women in Medtech Forum, you missed out on an inspiring, informative and empowering round table discussion with key note speakers and the SAMED delegation. While we could never capture all the take aways in a short clip, we have included a few of the highlights in the video.