Recently, vaccinations were opened to those 18 and over. Early adopters have already rushed to register for the vaccination, but like with other age groups, the demand tapers off significantly. Initial demand exceeded capacity, however, with increased capacity, sustained demand from adult South Africans has declined. It is essential to get as many people vaccinated as the threat of a fourth wave starting before and lasting into the festive season looms.

Business for South Africa (B4SA), of which SAMED is a member, said: “It is not just about reaching our desired targets so we can protect our lives and livelihoods, but also to chart a course that will allow us to resume our way of life and fully open up the economy as quickly as possible.”

Denmark, which has 71% of the population vaccinated, will be lifting its remaining Covid-19 restriction as the virus is no longer a critical threat to society. The UAE is also allowing travel to all vaccinated people, including those from nations with travel bans imposed on them.

Vaccine hesitancy is largely based on misinformation and the NDoH is working on a major vaccination campaign to drive further public understanding and support for vaccination. Members can play a role in supporting demand generation by encouraging and helping staff to register and receive the vaccine.

“Now is the time for employers and brands to start thinking of creative ways to convey the vaccine message, as Game and Wimpy have done, and to reduce any barriers their staff face to getting vaccinated. This could be by…coming up with creative incentives like offering an extra day off for staff who are vaccinated or simply providing transport to a vaccination site,” Mark Kingston, Chair B4SA Steering Committee.