SAMED has completed the 2022 B-BBEE Landscape Analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to track trends, highlight improvements and identify gaps.

Our first landscape analysis was in 2019 and revealed that of the 86 participants, only 52 were B-BBEE compliant based on valid certificates and affidavits provided. In 2022, 203 member certificates and affidavits were provided and 155 were deemed compliant. It is difficult to calculate an exact improvement in compliance as the data sets differ in number, but an overall improvement was noted.

SAMED B-BBEE Landscape analysis - B-BBEE Levels

SAMED B-BBEE Landscape analysis comparing member B-BBEE levels between 2019 and 2022. Analysis by Premier Verification.

Comparing 2019 to 2022, the data shows an improvement in members’ B-BBEE levels. In 2019, 23 members were recognised as B-BBEE level one. This has increased to 54 members in 2022. The average B-BBEE recognition level in 2019 was level five for those with a valid certificate and level two for those with a valid affidavit. In 2022, this has improved to level four and level two respectively.

There were fewer members with certificates in 2022 compared to 2019 which can likely be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and related factors which saw an additional 5% of members drop within the affidavit threshold totally 46% of compliant members.

In 2019, the average points were level 8 and this has seen marked improvement to level 6 in 2022. This indicates that on average members have moved up two B-BBEE levels on their scorecards which is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

SAMED also welcomes the improvement of black ownership especially black female ownership since 2019. Our recent Women in Medtech Forum was a celebration of women in our industry and we hope we see an upward trend in years to come.

SAMED B-BBEE Landscape Analysis - Ownership

SAMED B-BBEE Landscape analysis comparing member Total Black Ownership between 2019 and 2022. Analysis by Premier Verification.

SAMED recognises that transformation is an ongoing process requiring constant evaluation on both strategic and operational levels. We want to commend those who have been leading diversity and inclusivity strategies from the top and those who are creating change at every level of business. Stay passionate – transformation is a journey.