On 1 September 2022 (09:00-11:00), SAMED will host its first Captains of Industry Forum in person at Deloitte, Waterfall City. Facilitated by CNBC Africa Anchor and entrepreneur, Tania Habimana, we will discuss our industry objectives and how our leaders can collaborate to elevate and strengthen our industry.

We encourage the leaders and senior executives of every company to join the forum and participate in a  robust and open discussion on what is needed to take our sector to new heights. The insights, ideas and inputs from all medtech leaders are needed to ‘turbo charge’ SAMED and the status of the medtech industry. We aim to elevate your role and the value that YOU as captains of industry bring to the table. Tapping into our collective networks at the highest possible level is essential to achieving meaningful partnerships and collaboration.

As discussed at the preparatory session on 24 August, this is not intended as a talk shop, but to create a meaningful platform where actions can be set into motion. This first forum will be an internal meeting to set the tone and objectives after which key stakeholders and collaborators can be invited to participate in further discussion. To register click here.