Health Technology Assessments (HTAs)

SAMED Reimbursement Application Guideline document for Members

The contents of this document are a result of many years of experience of industry members who have given selflessly of themselves in producing this guide and sharing their experience, in the interests of aligning activities and improving patient access to medical technology.


Medscheme Health Technology Assessments and Reimbursement

Christeen Keyter who is the Advanced Specialist: Health Technology Assessment in the Health Policy Unit at Medscheme made this presentation at a Market Access Forum in October 2020. The presentation covers:

  • Medscheme reimbursement and HTA processes
  • An organogram of the HTA/reimbursement team
  • Policy and processes on price increases, price reviews and price benchmarking
  • Special Covid-19 related requirements,


Discovery Health Health Technology Assessments and Reimbursements

The Centre for Clinical Evidence team at Discovery Health med this presentation at a Market Access Forum in November 2020. The presentation covers:

  • Discovery PIN Process & Price Increases;  Kershnee Chetty, Head: Surgical Risk Unit
  • The HTA Process & Supplier Journey; Niri Bhimsan, Head: Health Technology Assessment
  • Overall functions of the Clinical Policy Unit; Lindiwe Mbekeni, Clinical Specialist;  Head of the Clinical Policy Unit