At the Market Access Forum held on 14 September 2021, representatives of the SAMED Market Access Committee presented the overall principles and guidance outlined in SAMED’s paper on medtech market access and reimbursement. The Committee has prepared and combined a series of documents relating to introducing new technologies to South Africa and assisting members in navigating a relatively complex market access and reimbursement environment.

The emphasis in health care in South Africa (SA) focuses on delivering value derived from improving outcomes and reducing costs; this is seen in the full context of the continuum of patient care and respective condition, not limited to a specific event. All new technologies introduced into the health care system need to be assessed in this context. The SAMED position paper and guidance document on market access and reimbursement of medtech in SA result from many years of experience of industry members who have given selflessly of themselves in producing this guide and sharing their expertise to align activities and improve patient access to medical technology.