Senior Manager: Risk – Special Investigating Unit (SIU)

He has vast experience in risk management, which is complemented by relevant qualifications that include amongst others Post-Graduate Diploma in Risk Management. He is certified as Ethics Officer by The Ethics Institute and CRM Prac by the Institute of Risk Management South Africa.

He is leading one of the Anti-Corruption Task Team (ACTT) Programs, which is responsible for the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) Pillar 6. This strategy promotes active citizenry and a whole-of-society approach in the fight against corruption.

The NACS Pillar 6 is more focused on protecting those vulnerable sectors (e.g. health sector, local government, SOEs, NPOs, etc.) that are prone to the manifestation of corruption and unethical practices through implementation of effective risk management and other pro-active interventions.