We are delighted to bring you the SAMED 2021/22 annual report.

As the voice of the South African MedTech industry, we encompass the full spectrum of diverse players involved in the supply of MedTech h products and services in order to diagnose, monitor, treat and rehabilitate patients.

SAMED’s vision is to partner with our stakeholders to drive the Medical Technology industry to new frontiers and contribute towards enabling a sustainable healthcare system.

SAMED Annual Report 2021/22

The annual report provides context and easy access to core SAMED outputs like the position papers we published this year.

We have included short videos from the past SAMED Chairperson and Executive Officer to capture key messages as we look toward our future and the impact and influence, we can have in:

  1. Safeguarding, promoting and representing our members’ shared interests
  2. Driving adherence to ethical principles and business practices
  3. Promoting access to MedTech for better patient outcomes
  4. Shaping best practice in standards, policies and regulatory requirements
  5. Supporting growth for sustainability

We continue to underpin all our association activities with diversity and inclusion considerations as we support transformation in the MedTech sector to enable national social and economic reform.

Access our 2021/22 Annual Report Here