SAMED Chair, Peter Mehlape and other SAMED Board members have engaged in high-level discussion with the Presidency and a Cabinet minister regarding macro-political matters our government has been contending with, including international and trade relations with the United States, in recent months.

Since the end of May, there were two important meetings facilitated by AMCHAM which SAMED used to advocate for policies that are pro-South Africa and pro-sustainable medtech industry.

The first engagement was with the President and the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation. This was a productive engagement and the President remains committed to safeguarding business sustainability and a continued relationship with the US. In it, Peter emphasised the growing importance of business and government’s collaborative efforts in addressing challenges faced by the country. As business leaders, SAMED recognises the need for proactive engagement to address the pressing challenges impacting our nation.

More recently, Bulelwa Maponya, Donata Kubheka (both SAMED Board members), Ntokozo Dlamini and Peter had another invaluable opportunity to fly the SAMED flag when they met with the Deputy President and his team at GIBS. In a private engagement before the formal meeting, they put across key issues – namely the impact of the energy crisis on hospitals, healthcare companies and local manufacture, crime and corruption, transport and logistics and the red tape-related obstacles to business productivity.

They reminded the Deputy President (DP) of the meeting with the President, and indicated we foresee ongoing similar occasions that will elevate medtech and elevate how our industry participates in healthcare provision and socioeconomic progress.

In his address, the Deputy President tackled these and other topics. He assured us that the relationship with the US is of vital significance, that it is sound, and that government is working on a plan to renew AGOA in light of its expiry in 2025. Overall, this was a very positive encounter, and the DP invited us to stay engaged.