The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has established a Manufacturing Industry Advisory Panel to support its strategic cluster, CSIR Future Production: Manufacturing, following an industrialisation strategy. The industrialisation strategy aims to support the existing and future industry technological demands, as well as create engagements with specific industry sectors to improve competitiveness through process and operational efficiency enhancements.

Through the cluster, the CSIR seeks to utilise digital transformation and fourth industrial revolution technologies to drive innovation and promote the re-industrialisation of South African manufacturing industries, thereby accelerating socio-economic growth in the country.

The Manufacturing Industry Advisory Panel comprises external advisors with expertise in various industries to provide guidance in the development, implementation, and review of cluster Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities, and to ensure alignment with industry priorities. The panel’s role is to provide critical analysis of the RDI portfolio and advise on the development of new relationships, strengthening of existing capabilities, and the establishment of new capabilities that have the potential to create new industries and overall industrial transformation. The panel will also review the cluster’s technology transfer and enterprise development approaches and provide advice on market positioning and appropriate inter-phasing mechanisms.

Ms Tanya Vogt, Executive Officer of SAMED – the South African Medical Technology Industry Association – has been appointed to the Manufacturing Industry Advisory Panel and is committed to representing SAMED’s members and the broader interests of the medical technology sector in South Africa.

SAMED is a not-for-gain voluntary trade association and its members include local manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and multinationals of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (collectively termed medical technology). SAMED is committed to ensuring a transformed, sustainable and ethical medical technology industry in South Africa.

The appointment of external advisors with industry exposure will provide deeper insight into industry needs and perspectives, which is a key success factor in achieving the CSIR Future Production: Manufacturing cluster’s strategic intent and objectives. With the Manufacturing Industry Advisory Panel’s assistance, the CSIR aims to build long-term capabilities for strategic competitiveness, support existing and future industry technological demands, and enhance processes and operational efficiencies.