The SAMED 2021 Annual Conference has generated some media that we would like to share with you. The conference was a resounding success and we hope the knowledge sharing that took place will help to grow the medtech sector in a sustainable and transformed way.

MedTech sector key to SA’s economic recovery

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South Africa’s medical technology (MedTech) sector’s current estimated R20bn market value could be significantly increased to re-position South Africa’s role and contribution to the sector across the rest of Africa. “The MedTech sector has played a fundamental role in the global pandemic response and it continues to do so, as it can play a key role in economic recovery,” says Marlon Burgess, the chairperson of the South African Medical Technology Association (SAMED). Read more

COVID has shown ‘we can do it!’ – Crisp

MedBrief Africa

The sharing of hospital resources during the height of COVID and the collective effort on the planning and implementation of the entire vaccination programme are clear examples of people in South Africa beginning to realise that “your health is my health”. Read more

Single-payer system ‘takes away diversity of alternatives’

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One of the setbacks with a single payer system is that takes way the diversity of alternatives in the event of inevitable failures, Hospital Association of SA’s Dr Dumisani Bomela pointed out during this week’s SAMED Conference “Unpacking the sustainability of National Health Insurance” session. Read more

Need for uniformity in device-related funding stressed

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Medical device and funding industry representatives have agreed that, mainly because of the fragmented nature of both relationships and processes, uniform measures have to be put in place to ultimately increase access and improve cost efficiencies. Read more

Pandemic moves role of MedTech sector front and centre

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SAMED conference focuses on growing Medtech post-Pandemic and identifies the key role SA’s medtech sector can play in economic recovery. Read more