The SAMED code committee, with approval from the SAMED board have revised the values for promotional items, items of medical utility, anatomical models, scientific books/journals and competitions, as stipulated in the Medical Device Code of Ethical Marketing and Business Practice (the Code).

These values will be applicable from 1 May 2022 and serve as a benchmark for future review which will take place every three years.

Future revisions will consider the average CPI increase over the three-year period and for anatomical models and scientific journals it will also consider average US Dollar exchange rate fluctuations.

A full review of the Code is currently underway and, as such, the revised values will only appear in version 8 of the Code once the revision has been completed.

Note that the general principles, as outlined in the Code, remain applicable i.e. General principles:

There should be no personal enrichment of HCPs or other healthcare providers. No gift, benefit in kind, rebate, discount, kickback or any other pecuniary advantage shall be offered or given to members of the health professions, administrative staff, government officials or the general public as an inducement to prescribe, lease, loan, supply, stock, dispense, administer or buy any medical device.

For promotional items:

Promotional items to HCPs, appropriate administrative staff, sales and other staff are acceptable provided that they are:

  • Not for personal use e.g. no entertainment CDs/DVDs, electronic items for entertainment, tickets to attend sporting events or other forms of entertainment.
  • Educational and/or of scientific value, benefit the patient and/or be relevant to the practice.
  • No cash or cash equivalents (e.g. vouchers) are allowed.
  • Promotional items must be branded with Company name and/or Product and/or Logo.

For items of medical utility:

Such items must have a genuine educational function that is intended to aid in the medical care of patients. Items of medical utility generally include items that are beneficial to enhancing the provision of medical services and patient care and have no personal benefit to the HCP.

Items of medical utility, including, informational and educational materials, scientific medical reference books, journals, periodicals and anatomical models intended for teaching or patient benefit are allowed to be provided to HCPs.

For competitions:

Competitions should fulfil the following criteria:

  • The competition is based on medical/product knowledge or the acquisition of scientific knowledge.
  • Individual prizes or educational items offered should benefit the patient and / or be relevant to the practice.
  • The prize cannot comprise of cash or a cash equivalent (e.g. vouchers).
  • Entry into a competition must not be dependent upon prescribing, ordering, or recommending of a product and no such condition shall be made or implied.
  • No cash or cash equivalents (e.g. vouchers) are allowed for completion of a survey or as a prize for a competition.
  • In accordance with the prohibition of direct sponsorship to HCPs to third-party arranged events, a prize in the form of congress sponsorship is prohibited

For gifts:

Member companies may not give gifts of any nature, including but not limited to those pertaining to cultural, religious or national events.

Please ensure that the relevant personnel within your company are aware of the revised values.