33 SAMED members have said YES to the Youth Employment Service (YES) and creating job opportunities for youth black South African’s either within their own organisation or through sponsoring a youth at various health sector implementation partners.

SAMED partnered with YES in August 2021 to create awareness of the rising unemployment epidemic and unlock work opportunities for South African youth. We encourage all our members and partners in healthcare to sign up and make a truly tangible difference for a young person and build the skills pool in the healthcare sector.

We are delighted to report that our members have created 1,590 health sector jobs equating to R89,676,000 injected into local economies through youth salaries. There is an added benefit of 43 level ups on participating companies B-BBEE scorecards with a number still waiting on audit outcomes.

SAMED challenges its members and partners-in-healthcare to seize this opportunity to reduce the plague of youth unemployment and sign up with YES!