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Clientelis was founded more than a decade ago to provide highly specialized strategic research and management consulting services to life sciences manufacturers across the Middle East & Africa region to help them better successfully navigate the healthcare ecosystem.

Clientelis leverages its industry knowledge and research expertise to empower life sciences companies to make informed decisions through its business development and strategic advisory capacity.

With over 50-year combined experience in the life sciences industry in both biopharmaceutical and medical products with unique set of expertise, Clientelis members have been operating successfully in the industry in the EMEA region and have thus developed a sound knowledge and considerable understanding of the environment in which healthcare companies operate.

Strategy Advisory Services

Clientelis also offers business development and project management support as well as market and partner search to life sciences players seeking to expand their footprint in the Middle East & Africa region and beyond.

Clientelis consultants have decades of experience providing research and professional services to the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. We have specific experience in: Corporate Strategy Advisory, Strategic Partnerships, Geographic Expansion, New Product Launch, Business Case Development, Business Plan Drafting and Go-to-Market Plan.

Market Research

Given the lack of accurate market and customer data in Africa, Clientelis leverages its industry knowledge and research capabilities to empower Life Sciences players to make informed decisions through our market research and strategic advisory capacity across the continent. Clientelis lead consultants have decades of experience in doing highly specialized ad-hoc medical market research.

Partner Search

Clientelis uses a value-driven approach for identifying and screening potential partners (distributors, suppliers, or investors) in target geographies and design screening criteria to assess whether potential candidates could satisfy our client’s strategic requirements. We then evaluate and prioritize candidates based on their strategic rationale, synergistic value and the likelihood of getting the deal done within a reasonable period of time.

Digital Health Solutions

Clientelis Africa also develops cost-effective digital health solutions and bespoke software throughout Africa. We operate in a part of the industry that requires us to be able to reach the “last mile” in low-resource environments with highly tailored solutions.

As strong advocates of mHealth in LMICs, Clientelis founders believe digital health solutions and mobile technologies can help boost access to healthcare and improve the health and well-being of people living in LMICs thereby achieving the health targets of UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


East & South Africa: 4th Fl. West Tower, Nelson Mandela Sq., Sandton 2146 South Africa | Cell:  +27 83 456 5100

North & West Africa: Rue Goma, SICAP Baobab, Mermoz Sacre Coeur, Dakar, Senegal | Cell: + 221 78 132 66 44