Over the past several months SAMED has engaged with the National Department of Health through Business for South Africa on the vaccination of medical technology representatives based on their direct risk of exposure and to ensure continuity of patient care throughout the healthcare system. These personnel are required,  amongst others, to:

  • Be present in-patient care settings to provide technical support concerning the safe and effective application of surgical products and technologies.
  • Support procedures/equipment/technology in the operating room or procedural suite and are required to be present during urgent, non-elective procedures (e.g., trauma, transplant, cardiac treatment) and other medically necessary procedures (e.g., joint replacement, cancer treatment, dialysis etc).
  • Be involved in the remote calibration or adjustment of medical devices (for example, pacemakers, laser technology) to the surgeons’ and manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Service, or repair critical medical devices and equipment (including diagnostics).

We provided an initial list of these medtech representatives for upload to the healthcare worker EVDS.

We have since received several queries from members on vaccination for new staff, staff that were omitted from the original lists provided to SAMED and staff who had not registered their details on the healthcare worker EVDS before it was closed.

SAMED is pleased to announce that as per a circular on the vaccination of non-profession healthcare workers in the private sector, members can now submit lists of frontline, clinical and/or patient-facing staff who perform duties at healthcare facilities for vaccine registration.

Please ensure that you read through the circular and use the provided Registration Template to submit the information as per the instructions to vaccines@healthman.co.za before the 31 July deadline. Please ensure your lists are in the same format as the Registration Template as lists that are not in this format will be sent back. Healthman will verify the lists and inform senders when to book vaccine appointments. Due to the high volume of emails, expect a delay of up to 48 hours for a response. For more information on the vaccine booking process, click here.

For those members 50 and over, you may choose to register for the vaccine roll-out commencing on 15 July for this age group. Registrations for the 35-49 age group will commence on 15 July with vaccine roll out for this group planned for 1 August.