SAMED Position on Loan Set Standard and Company Representatives in CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department

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November 2017

SAMED wishes to bring to your attention the draft SAN Standard 1541:2:2014 which was developed a while back. The private hospital groups, State and Industry Representatives were involved with drawing up the standard.

SAMED endorses the SANS 1541:2:2014 standard pertaining to loan sets and the decontamination thereof.

Although this standard is intended to apply to all loan set companies and CSSD departments, it has not been applied consistently by all companies and hospitals.

In the interest of best practice SAMED advises its members to familiarise themselves with the standard and put firm plans in place to meet the requirements of the standard.

In line with the standard, SAMED recommends that:

  • Sales reps may not enter the CSSD under any circumstances without the permission of the CSSD manager.
  • Sales staff may only advise on dissemble/assembly and specialized cleaning of instruments, they may not carry out the decontamination process themselves.
  • Appropriate training and instructions on decontamination of these items must be provided by the supplier to the CSSD staff.

SAMED will be assisting in the development of detailed training workshops for sales reps, to be held towards the end of the first quarter of 2018 on the standard, as well as expanding the CSSD section within CRICE.

SAMED members are urged to buy the finalised standard from SABS ie SANS 1541:2014. The standard can be bought online from SABS.

SAMED can buy the standard but we are not allowed to circulate the final standard. Each company needs to buy it on an individual basis.