Through extensive research and workshopping, SAMED has finalised a position paper entitled: An exploratory position paper towards the Establishment of an Independent Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Agency for South Africa.

This paper represents SAMED’s position on the establishment and institutionalisation of HTA and a single HTA structure that is independent, transparent, and accountable to all its stakeholders and beneficiaries, however, requiring a different HTA approach to that of medicines. It discusses four major themes for establishing an independent HTA agency in South Africa, that may evolve into covering all health technologies, namely, good governance, structure, processes, and methodologies that are appropriate for medical technologies.

In the paper, we strongly recommend a process archetype that delineates the functions and roles of regulator, HTA and coverage bodies and that these are independent of one another, with the HTA function specifically being independent of any bias from stakeholder influence and conflicts of interest.  In conclusion it highlights the key principles that underpin the establishment of an independent HTA Agency for South Africa, the design of its structure and governance model, and medtech relevant processes and methods.