We applaud the leaders and change-makers that attended the SAMED CEO Forum held on 10 February and encourage those who were not able to attend to watch the recording. The forum provided a platform to discuss strategies to implement meaningful and sustainable transformation in all companies – large or small. SAMED was delighted to host CEO, Ravi Naidoo, from Youth Employment Services (YES), who outlined the triple benefit of their programme. Andile Mabindisa, CSIR Group Executive for Human Capital, provided a first-hand account of the success with the YES programme and SAMED Transformation Chair, Tracy Moonsamy, shared how business leaders could get involved.

We understand that leaders come from all walks of life and can be at various stages of their transformation journey. No matter the size of the company or team, no matter how many years of experience you may have, you can get involved:

  1. Sign up with YES (send your questions to marc@yes4youth.co.za) – and future SAMED initiatives.
  2. Set the tone from the top with the right message to your teams and employees about the purpose and power of transformation (advocacy and training).
  3. Attend the SAMED CEO Forums to give inputs, share insights and develop a forum for like-minded peers.
  4. Lend us your expertise and connections. Know of a medtech sector transformation initiative? Tell us about it. Connected to a peer in or outside of healthcare that could share valuable ideas and insights? Introduce them to us. Have other resources that make the transformation journey easier? Share them with us. Have ideas? Great, we want to hear them. Know of a coming change that medtech needs to prepare for? Get us involved.
  5. Join our transformation committee to give input on and operationalise the plans we have in store – either directly or by delegating to your team.
  6. Get your transformation champion to attend our transformation forums – they don’t have to be a transformation specialist, the forums are a learning opportunity.
  7. Share your transformation journey and share your successes and challenges – they could inspire and encourage others. You don’t have to be B-BBEE level 1 to have a story to share. You may only be starting out or you could have a personal transformation journey. Let us grow in strength as a sector and be an example for the rest industry.

Reach out to the SAMED team for more information or to get involved.